Since 1987, We have been providing award winning facility service solutions the UK.

We serve 1,500+ locations across the UK including 65 Shopping Centres, 400+ Commercial locations and 20+ Airports.

We Live by Our Core Values

They’re not philosophical. It’s how we do business.
Every employee at ABM knows them and puts them into action every day.









People are our business

We employ more than 3,500 skilled and motivated people and we greatly respect each one, working together to meet and exceed expectations for safe working environments, career development and best practice innovation.

In fostering a pride and ownership from our employees, we provide a platform for excellence in our delivery.

We Deliver Customised Solutions

Generic facility services don’t work because each building, site, store, centre or otherwise has unique needs.

That’s why we start with understanding your challenges and then leverage our extensive industry expertise to provide you with customised facility solutions.

We provide a wide variety of services in each industry we serve, from airport shuttle service and wheelchair assistance, to food & nutrition and mission critical solutions in hospitals.