Serving 1,600 locations across the UK and Ireland

Since 1987, ABM has delivered unrivaled care to various facility types in the UK. Our international resources and award-winning solutions drove us to become one of the nation’s most trusted service partners.


We manage many of the UK’s busiest buildings, airports, venues, industrial operations, and commercial real estate assets. We build value in more than 2.5 million square feet of public and entertainment venue space for some of the most recognisable places.

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Making a difference,
every person, every day

More than 100 years ago, ABM set out to help our clients protect the value of their assets and enhance the experience of their occupants and customers. That commitment is the foundation of the company ABM is today. Throughout our operations in the UK, Ireland, the US, and other international locations, we stay rooted in our mission to take care of the people, spaces, and places that are important to you.

Respect Respect

We believe every person at every level brings value, and ensure they’re acknowledged as an asset to our team.

Integrity Integrity

We’re transparent, honest and accountable. We genuinely care about our people and our clients, and always do what we say we’ll do.

Collaboration Collaboration

We believe that we can always do better and achieve more when we work together and learn from our collective experiences.

Innovation Innovation

We bring fresh ideas and data-driven insights – all backed by the latest techniques and technology. We solve business challenges by asking: What if? Why not? What’s next?

Excellence Excellence

We deliver a consistent, reliable service, but we don’t stop there. We’re committed to exceeding expectations, and go the extra mile to do it.

Trust Trust

We work hard to build confidence, both with our own people and with our clients. And we demonstrate at every touchpoint that we’re worthy of keeping it.

Relieving your sustainability responsibilities

We are conscious of our impact on this planet, its’ people, employees, and customers, and the prosperity of the communities with whom we work. We are committed to creating healthy, fair, equitable, vibrant, and safe working places and spaces and will collaborate on any initiatives that help to deliver Net Zero outcomes, social value, and equitable workplaces and systems.

Working in partnership

You have maintenance needs, but do you have a reliable service partner? ABM’s platform is composed of integrated services and broad capabilities, allowing us to streamline operations and work in tandem toward your goals.


Meeting your needs with customised care

Customised Solutions

Whatever your goals may be, ABM will help you reach them with custom solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our team members have the expertise to meet the challenges of different locations, cultures, regulatory environments, and customer needs. With our innovative ideas, data-driven insights, and commitment to sustainability, you can be confident that we will exceed your expectations.