Facility Services for Healthcare

Create outstanding experiences for patients and caregivers.

You are dedicated to the health and well-being of your people and your patients. Your hospital should reflect that dedication. With a range of facility services, maintenance solutions, and well-trained, caring employees, ABM has been an ideal partner for hospitals for decades. Whether waiting, parking, receiving treatment, or communicating with team members, we understand that each moment a patient or caregiver spends in your hospital matters. ABM will help you maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable experience for your patients and an efficient and budget-conscious experience for you.

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Anatomy of a Patient Experience

Cure patient dissatisfaction and improve your Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates with this seven-step approach to creating a comfortable, healing environment and expert care.


Enhancing the Patient Experience

Being a healthcare service provider means prioritizing safety and efficiency to maximize the patient, resident, and visitor experience. From touchpoint cleaning to flexible storage services,...


Case Study
How We Beat the 20% Savings Goal for Northside Mental Health Center

Initially contracted to rectify indoor air concerns, ABM implemented a Bundled Energy Solutions (BES) program for the non-profit that used energy and operational savings to...

Case Study


Committed to Compliance

In a highly regulated environment, compliance comes first. ABM helps fulfill your responsibilities and always keeps you ahead of safety regulations. We meticulously service every square foot of your space to keep you compliant and moving forward.

Flexible Programs

Maintain your facility with programmes designed to meet your unique needs. Choose from our menu of standalone services, or opt to streamline your partner relationships and improve operational efficiency with integrated facility services.

Improved Efficiency

The ever-evolving demands of the healthcare industry can place additional pressure on your goals and objectives. ABM helps you achieve an agile facility by addressing staffing challenges, seamlessly scaling up or down while maintaining optimum safety and quality.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been delivering solutions and serving facilities like yours for more than four decades and understand the unique needs of hospitals. So whether you need us to service your critical equipment, add a friendly greeter for patients and visitors, or keep you compliant, we’re ready to get to work.

Quality Results

With today’s regulatory scrutiny, patient, resident, and visitor satisfaction plays a critical role in your facility’s success, and we take that seriously. Our professional workforce is equipped with the tools and technology needed to consistently deliver the best results.