Solutions for Critical Environments

Businesses rely on data centres. Data centres rely on ABM.

Whether you’re a non-critical or rated-4 data centre, uptime is your top priority. As the chosen partner of hundreds of data centres across the United Kingdom & Ireland, we understand the critical nature of your facility needs. ABM’s certified and highly trained technicians work with you to reduce downtime, improve energy efficiency, and identify innovative, cost-saving solutions to ensure optimal facility performance.

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Humanity & Understanding

ABM realises that critical facilities are the heartbeat of your infrastructure. As we move forward into an increasingly digital age, it is more important than ever to maximise the uptime of your systems. We will keep your data centre facilities, computer rooms, server rooms, clean rooms and plant rooms at their best around the clock, allowing you to focus on your business – and the team of people who make it work for you.

24/7/365 Operations

Data centres must operate at optimal efficiency around the clock. Our customisable solutions and trained, certified specialists support the critical maintenance and operation of your facility equipment. Downtime is not an option, clients trust us to keep downtime as low as 30 minutes per year.

100% uptime

ABM provide expert specialist cleaning teams that are available 24/7 to ensure that your white and grey spaces are kept in peak condition. Appropriate maintenance and targeted risk mitigation are applied across all areas of potential contamination.

In-depth Quality Assurance Process

ABM has a track record of maintaining 100,000 data-centre projects – in live environments – without incident. We also provide clear, live-contract performance data via KPIs.

Emergency Response

Prevention is better than a cure, however, ABM also works to provide emergency responses in case of flood, fire or other unforeseen circumstances.