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Keep your critical equipment and environment running at peak efficiencies.

Unplanned downtime can cost your business millions of pounds and damage your IT and communications equipment. ABM understands the risks of downtime and outages in critical infrastructure systems. Our experienced, specially trained and certified technicians keep even the most sensitive and complex equipment running at optimal levels. Whether you operate an Emergency Call Centre, Data Centre, Comms Room, or other critical environment, we’ll keep things running securely, efficiently, and reliably every hour of every day.

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Squared meters of data-centre space serviced annually worldwide



European projects carried out by UK technicians



Specialised data centre training facilities in the UK

Service Specific Benefits

ABM services more than 500,000 square meters of data-centre space annually worldwide.


Downtime is not an option. Data centres must operate at optimal efficiency around the clock. Our customisable solutions and trained, certified specialists support the critical maintenance and operation of your facility equipment. Clients trust us to keep downtime as low as 30 minutes per year.

Certifications & Clearances

ABM’s critical solutions specialists have various levels of government clearance. All are specially trained and certified in a variety of capabilities. Our most recent accreditations and qualifications include Achilles UVDB Qualified, Achilles BuildingConfidence Member, Constructionline Gold Member, CHAS and more.

Free 20-Point Critical Health Check

Our ABM technicians are specially trained to assess and summarise critical environments against a rigorous 20-point Health Check, as part of a free service that we offer to potential Critical Solutions customers. This vital feedback, in the form of a survey, is used to assess against all key areas such as voids, containment, floors, service & plant areas, internals & externals and firestopping. It also includes a best-practice check to ensure your operation runs efficiently, effectively and consistently, 24/7/365.

Specially Trained Technicians

Every ABM critical solutions technician has passed a rigorous hiring and training process, ensuring they are properly skilled and equipped to run the operation 24/7, with the responsiveness and expertise we demand for operational security and uptime.

Reliable Partner

Effective periodic maintenance prevents unexpected downtime and keeps equipment operational within manufacturer specifications. ABM keeps your infrastructure healthy and capable of consistently operating at peak efficiency with minimal costs.

Strategic Alliances

For more than 35 years, ABM has maintained alliances with the most qualified mechanical and electrical manufacturers, ensuring our technicians are kept up to date with factory training, ready to prevent downtime and solve any emergency.

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