Protect Your Electrical Systems with ABM’s In-House HVAPs

electrical high voltage authorised persons (HVAPs)

ABM’s in-house High Voltage Authorised Persons (HVAPs) provide authorized emergency services for electrical equipment, including assessments, appointment of Authorized Engineers, and audits. With rapid response and expert problem-solving, HVAPs ensure compliance, continuous improvement, and high-quality service for clients.

Key Client Enhances Safety, Sustainability, and Cost Savings with ABM

ABM employee and van

ABM’s innovative solutions and trusted relationship have extended a significant contract with a large organisation across 17 locations employing over 26,000 staff members. With the implementation of a re-engineered waste strategy, find out how ABM has helped to enhance sanitisation measures and introduced innovative technologies, resulting in remarkable improvements in sustainability, safety, and cost savings.

How This Shopping Centre Achieved Sustainability Success with ABM

zero-waste-to-landfill status

Discover the success of Eden Shopping Centre’s partnership with ABM. Through their collaboration, emissions were reduced, recycling rates increased, and a zero-waste-to-landfill status was achieved, enhancing their ESG initiative. Explore ABM’s expanded efforts in waste management systems, green skills education, community involvement, and more.

Elevating Airport Services for Safer, More Sustainable Travel

ABM UK aviation employee

Safer, healthier, and more sustainable travel starts with ABM. Experience industry-leading airport and passenger support services, from a collaborative approach with airport team members to quality, safety, and passenger satisfaction. With real-time mobile intelligence and data-driven insights, discover how we continuously improve operational structures, maintain on-time services, and take the traveler experience to new heights.

Proven Energy Solution to Maximise Your Energy Savings with ABM

Building Management System (BMS) analytics for Kendra Energy Solutions

ABM partnered with Kendra Energy Solutions to implement an analytic package for a client’s large portfolio of buildings in the UK, resulting in significant energy and financial savings. The PROActiveEnergy solution provided data-driven insights, highlighted opportunities for cost savings, and resolved issues before they happened, ultimately preventing excess energy usage and saving the client thousands of pounds. Learn how.

Approach Improves Efficiency and Morale at Churchill Square

Mobilisation and Restructure at Churchill Square

An innovative approach to soft services transformed Churchill Square shopping centre by increasing efficiency, improving morale, and fostering integrated teamwork. Through the implementation of robotic equipment, a 10% pay raise, and a more flexible and cost-efficient system, see how ABM created a smoother operation with improved recruitment rates.

Achieving Sustainability, Cost Savings, and An Enhanced Workplace with ABM

janitors cleaning a work office

ABM UK has serviced this long-standing client for 20+ years, providing a 24-hour cleaning service to accommodate their large workforce and facilitating their transition to an eco-friendly office with sustainable practices. Discover how these efforts have resulted in cost savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, a cleaner and safer workplace, and employee engagement.