Sports arenas and leisure venues involve complex critical facilities and engineering systems.

If these aren’t running properly, millions of fans and guests can be affected.

In this industry, superior service and an impeccable environment at all times is expected. Delivering memorable experiences is the key to new and returning guests.

Maintenance Helps Prevent Failure

Human error and infrastructure failure caused by insufficient maintenance are the main reasons for downtime and outages.

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Keeping Your Venue Running 24/7/365

We have more than 35 years of critical facility experience. Our processes and best practices are proven in the industry.

And, we are dedicated to keeping your sports and leisure venue running efficiently 24/7/365.


Our critical specialists are factory trained and certified to work on your building systems. Certifications include Liebert/Emerson, Stulz, Data Aire, NETA, and CDCDP (Certified Data Centre Design Professional).

Prevent Unexpected Failure and Ensure Uptime at Your Venue with 24/7/365 Facility Operation, Maintenance & Management.