Fundamental environmental issues, rising energy costs, increased economic challenges and social responsibility are all at the forefront of public and private policy initiatives.

According to the EPA, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, and exposure to pollution can be up to 100 times greater inside than out.

According to Energy Star, 30% of energy in commercial buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.

About 23% of U.S. office workers experience two or more sick-building syndrome (SBS) symptoms (e.g., dizziness, nausea, and acute eye, nose and throat irritation) annually.

Green initiatives aren’t just a passing fad or a marketing gimmick – they are fast becoming a necessity rather than a choice to not only meet sustainability mandates, but stay competitive in today’s marketplace.


For organizations starting the journey of “going green”, true success hinges on the ability to responsibly minimize environmental impact while continuing to provide quality products and services.

The ABM GreenCare® program focuses on products, tools, equipment, processes and policies. It promotes a healthier and more comfortable environment for your building’s occupants while significantly reducing any harm done to the environment.

ABM GreenCare® can help you make improvements in four key areas:


Environmental and social responsibility:
maintain and improve the community and the environment


Employee productivity and retention:
keeping employees more content, healthy and productive


Property protection:
protect your property’s value and reduce energy use for lower utility and operating costs


Fiscal responsibility:
enhance your bottom line

Clients who have implemented an ABM GreenCare® program at their facilities have an average savings of 39% on their energy operating costs, and a 27% reduced energy use.

What could ABM GreenCare® do for you?

Your own priorities will help you decide how green you want to go. Whether its cleaning, recycling, energy solutions, or other sustainable processes, no matter what your sustainability goals are we have a program that will fit your needs— including LEED certification if you so choose.

Energy Star

Did you know that ABM is one of the largest participants in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program?


As a U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) member and LEED expert, ABM can help you qualify for and maintain certification.

Green Parking Council

ABM proudly serves as a Platinum Level Partner of the Green Parking Council (GPC), providing leadership and oversight for green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets.

At ABM, we take every opportunity to find ways to go green at not only your facilities, but ours. Access our sustainability report to learn more about our own commitment to sustainability.

Interested in Improving Your Sustainability Practices?

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